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Last.fm You can't expect a happy ending in a horror story. This is the tragic truth about our existence. I was thrown away, tossed like a toy to be eaten by wolves, walked aimlessly in circles with despair as my shadow. My Dreams, my hope all those were taken away from me, yet I am still here standing hollow, trying to play this game we call life. This is a world which likes to focus on each one of us as the main attractions for the immortals entertainment, and somehow driving some twisted pleasure out of our misfortunes. In a less aggressive speech, I am calm by nature, but just like nature I can also become a storm, I value the bonds I create with people a lot, if I were to characterize myself I would be a deep dark red rose, but like any rose I do have thorns, and I will turn to my defense if you touch me without my permission. Do not be afraid of me, feel free to leave a message, I will not answer if you compliment me. I enjoy talking to smart people who actually have something productive to talk about or with a different point of view of life. Please do avoid bringing drama, I am not really interested. I was born from where dreams are forsaken and now remain a mystery kept by Death. I am now damned into a fate of hollowness that this life has made me live, as I walk in the edge of everything that I once knew, I came to realize that there is more things between heaven and hell that I have dreamnt in my philosophy.

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Kid Disappears Under Wedding Dress

The “The Power” sample kills me everytime I watch this and even think about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdA5-M6jdgg&feature=youtu.be&t=1m50s

weekdayswithdrella said: i'm blue


im blue if i was green i would die official 

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Lemme hear you say 

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Uploaded on Feb 17, 2010

The Outhere Brothers Boom Boom Boom
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Risqué rappers the Outhere Brothers formed in Chicago in 1987; comprised of lyricist Malik and producer/remixer Hula, the duo debuted in 1995 with the single “Boom Boom Boom,” which topped the U.K. pop charts for four weeks on its way to selling over a million copies throughout Europe. When the follow-up “Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)” also reached number one in Britain, the Outhere Brothers became just the third act in U.K. history to score back-to-back chart-toppers with their first two releases. A full-length, 1 Polish, 2 Biscuits and a Fish Sandwich, appeared in 1995 as well, followed a year later by The Party Album; the Outhere Brothers’ third album, The Other Side, surfaced in 1997.

knobble said: do you love me?

I love each and everyone in this world you especially follow your dreams and heart and have a good day and enjoy life ok? i love you never forget

i was thinking about this video all day today


list of people who shouldn’t have a net worth at least ten times higher than neil degrasse tyson’s, but do:

  1. richard dawkins
  2. adam sandler
  3. pewdiepie
what is wrong with five million people

Uhhh, ever heard of a thing called the BROARMY??? *brofist*

one pewdiepie is worth ten neil degrasse tysons